A machine that works muscles harder, quicker and safer than anything else available today


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You will have a consultation with a qualified personal trainer before you begin. You will receive a comprehensive body scan at the beginning and end of your training package. You will have up to 26 sessions on the Maxercise machine. You will receive wholesale pricing for high quality exercise equipment and nutritional supplements. You will be part of an exclusive community and receive regular updates and further restricted offers. You will be offered first right of refusal to our anticipated equity raising.


The Maxercise machine was born out of years of personal research on the fastest and most effective ways to exercise. Research shows that muscles have approximately 50% greater lifting power on extension compared to contraction. This means that on a normal exercise machine you may not have the strength to lift the bar even though you can safely lower it.
Introducing the Maxercise machine – a revolution in strength training. Benefits include:
  • Vary bar weight at any height during the exercise
  • Heavier weight on the extension for a tougher and quicker workout
  • Voice activated by user to increase or decrease the weight during an exercise
  • Each rep is logged, so users can review training history and all improvements
  • Controlled via mobile phone, user settings and training history is all automatically saved
  • Easy to use by two people at the same as there is no need for change of weights
  • Bar is automatically lifted or lowered to the correct height for a user and exercise
  • Bar is mechanically retained at its lowest point avoiding any risk of crushing injury
  • Bar fails to safety and is retained in the event of a power failure.

The Maxercise Startup Team

Peter Forster,Inventor​

Peter was born in Melbourne. He started working as a paper boy, at 12 years of age, at the local newsagent and eventually became shop manager. This funded the drag racing of his self-modified Charger by the time he was 18.

Murray Ballenden, Sports Performance Veteran

Current owner / head coach at one of Melbourne’s premier MMA clubs, Dominance MMA Bentleigh, and previous owner / head coach of one Melbourne’s premiere strength and conditioning and CrossFit centres, The Strong Room.... Murray has been coaching people to perform for 20+ years, originally spurred by an interest in sports performance, particularly BJJ and MMA. He has constantly been a student of all things health and performance and has holistic qualifications in Sports Development, Biomechanics, Olympic Weightlifting, and various Strength and Conditioning qualifications.

• Diploma Of Sports Development (ACSD)
• FMA Strength Training Level 2
• StrongFirst Level 1 Instructor
• C.H.E.K Practitioner Level 1
• Pendlay Level 2
• NCAS (AWF) Sport Coach Level 1
• CrossFit Level 1
• CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer

Adam Hillary,Leadership

Alister McDonald,Business Operation

Mark Robinson,Gym Owner and Operator

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